Our Program

Special Needs Children



CCV’s team of special education teachers and therapists work with special-needs children who otherwise would receive no schooling or rehabilitative care.


For each child we serve, CCV completes a thorough developmental assessment and an Individual Education Plan in four areas—Literacy, Numeracy, Communication and Life Skills.  We then provide a full-time educational and rehabilitative program designed to maximize each child’s ability to function independently, and where possible, receive traditional schooling.  The ratio of CCV staff to children is approximately 1:3, ensuring that each child gets the individualized attention he or she needs.

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Educational Enrichment


Numerous studies have found that children raised in orphanages are prone to severe emotional and intellectual delays and pathologies.


This is true of thousands of abandoned children throughout Vietnam. Overworked and undertrained staff have little time for or understanding of the nurturing so crucial to this period of development. Babies typically spend most of the time unattended in cribs. Toddlers and older children are left to fend for themselves intellectually and emotionally. CCV’s educational enrichment program provides a full day of preschool activities to toddlers and after-school tutoring to elementary school children living in Quang Nam province’s Peace Village orphanage.


Every dollar helps us improve the lives of the children we serve!