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Pilot Project at Peace Village


Peace Village in Quang Nam province has over 100 residents, including 26 special-needs children and, at any given time, 5 to 15 abandoned infants.


Before CCV began its program, only one part-time physical therapist was available and no education was provided for the special-needs children. Now, two additional physical therapists are on board full-time and CCV’s professional teaching staff provides a full-day of schooling in four subject areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Communication and Life Skills. Each child has an Individual Education Plan, and progress is assessed annually.


With the addition of a CCV baby caretaker to the overburdened staff at Peace Village, not only has the need for bottle propping ended, but so has the harmful practice of feeding solid food to babies lying outstretched on the floor. Toys have been provided and now there are times for play and loving attention from our house mother.


There is a buzz of activity at Peace Village these days. Children are learning to read and brush their teeth and move their bodies. Smiles greet their teachers and words and laughter fill rooms that were silent. The existing staff has expressed astonishment at the focus and energy and emerging abilities of children from whom they had expected nothing.


And in the cribs, the babies too are looking around curiously instead of staring vacantly at the ceiling. They know that soon a familiar face will appear and life is about to get very interesting.


In Progress: Day Schools


In the southern region of Quang Nam province, hundreds of special needs children languish at home without any schooling or therapy.

Four-year-old Tran lives with her family. She has cerebral palsy and receives no education or therapy. We would like to help her and many others in the same situation. The Dioxin Center in Tam Ky is a spacious day school meant for child victims ofAgent Orange but due to lack of staff can serve only a small fraction of those in the surrounding area. The sole teacher has no specialized training. No transportation is provided to and from school. CCV would like to hire and train enough staff to fill the empty rooms and arrange for transport so that every one of those neglected children gets a chance for a better life.


However, we need your help.  Our program costs approximately $100 per month per child.  Once we have commitments to support at least 30 children ($36,000 per year), we will begin to fill this gaping need.

Unused classroom at Dioxin Center

The center now has only one teacher for over 20 children


Every dollar helps us improve the lives of the children we serve!